Hand surgery with the PHOENIX 3000:
No interruption, no getting up, no loss of time.


... a vertical free space twice as large as that of a conventional mini C-arm setup creates a highly convenient environment for surgery work. Fluoroscopy is possible even during drilling procedures.

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... replaces a conventional hand surgery table, while simultaneously boosting its functionality by an integrated X-ray-based imaging system.

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... an ingenious all-in-one X-ray system that helps to reduce the hustle and bustle in the OR and to preserve sterility during interventions!

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Get to know the PHOENIX 3000 universal hand surgery X-ray system in a clinical environment. With the X-ray-table, your everyday hand surgery work will become more comfortable, safe and efficient.

PHOENIX 3000: All what hand surgeons need!

Good for the surgeon:

  • Ample working space
  • Quality assurance and improvement thanks to different control views (e.g. sky view)
  • Relaxed surgery work and smooth workflow
  • Legally watertight documentation
  • Preservation of sterility, as it is no longer necessary to keep moving around a separate imaging unit
  • Perfectly matched, sturdy components

Better for the patient:

  • No repositioning necessary =>
  • Lower radiation burden
  • Shorter anesthesia times =>
  • Decreased risk of infections

Attractive for the management:

  • All-in-one, compact and reliable X-ray system
  • No costly purchase of single pieces of equipment
  • Improved OR capacity utilization thanks to shorter intervention times
  • More space in the OR for other essential equipment
  • Less staff needed, since system can be handled by the surgery team alone