PHOENIX 3000 – The All-In-One X-Ray-System
Optimized Workflow in the OR

With the PHOENIX 3000, an imaging system that perfectly matches the requirements of hand surgeons becomes available.

In close cooperation with experienced clinical professionals we have developed an all-in-one system for hand surgery that features a host of practice-oriented details, setting new standards in terms of image quality, user friendliness, radiation protection and not the least economic efficiency.

The heart of the innovative design concept is the integration of the imaging components directly into the hand surgery table.

State-of-the art flat-panel detector technology and a fully-digital image processing chain with a diagnostic, full HD flat-screen monitor ensure outstanding image quality.

An intuitive user interface and cleverly placed controls allow operators to familiarize themselves quickly and comprehensively with the system.

This universal X-ray system offers unique benefits to you and your OR team in your everyday hand surgery work:

  • Simple handling
  • Smooth and comfortable working process
  • Efficient OR workflow thanks to quick and precise positioning of the field of view
  • Maximum ray protection for all OR team members – you will always work at a maximum distance from the generator and directly on the image receptor
  • Sterility-preserving design – no need to leave the sterile field during interventions!
  • ... and much more!