PHOENIX 3000 – The X-Ray-All-In-One System
Smart Ergonomics

Ample Room for Movement

A plus of now 25 cm free space between the generator support arm and the tabletop – as compared to mini C-arms – not only ensures maximum working space for the surgery team, but also enables new projection positions such as sky view!

Integrated Workplace Lighting

Two LED strips, which are mounted on the bottom of the generator support arm, provide additional illumination during pre-operative patient preparation and positioning.

Multifunctional Foot Control

Keeps the surgeon’s hands free during an intervention, since all relevant operating functions – such as image and film sequence acquisition, folding up and down the generator support arm, saving or printing image data – can be controlled by means of foot pedals.

Ideal Working Position

The motorized vertical adjustment of the OR table is controlled by easily accessible buttons on both sides of the tabletop, allowing surgeons to lift or lower the table quickly and effortlessly to the height that is most comfortable for them.

Vertically Adjustable Dual-Image Monitor

Thanks to its huge vertical travel range, the height of the generously dimensioned flat-screen monitor can be adjusted so that the OR team has an unobstructed view of the screen in virtually any space situation.

Optimized Workflow & Sterile Conditions

All important operating functions can be controlled by the surgeon or assistant by the push of a button directly on the unit, without anybody having to leave the sterile field. The horizontal movability of the generator/detector assembly enables flexible and precise positioning of the fluoroscopic field along the extremity, assisted by a laser targeting device.