PHOENIX 3000 - The X-Ray-All-In-One System
Future-Proof Documentation

Integrated Digital Video Camera

A video camera integrated into the bottom of the generator support arm enables the surgeon team to gain an entirely new, additional perspective of the surgical intervention – from the outside and in full color. You can switch quickly and conveniently between the two view modes by actuating different foot pedals. In addition, a continuous video mode is available for demonstration and training purposes.

Last but not least the video camera provides increased security in terms of documentation, as it is now possible to permanently save not only the usual “interior views” in the form of b/w fluoroscopic images (both single frames and film sequences) to the system’s hard disk or external storage media, but additionally also “exterior views” in the form of color video images and movies.

Image Data Export

The system comes with a built-in USB 2.0 interface for the connection of cordless USB storage devices. In this way you can export single images and film sequences in TIF or AVI format to external media and subsequently view or post-process them on any computer.

Patient and Image Data Management

All generated still and moving images can be saved permanently to the unit’s large internal hard disk. A clearly-organized patient and image database lets you retrieve all stored information rapidly and conveniently.


The unit may be equipped with a video printer producing image printouts on thermal paper in 9 × 9 cm format.

DICOM Interface

The system supports the following DICOM classes:

  • DICOM Worklist for importing patient data from a HIS / RIS.
  • DICOM Store for transferring and saving images to a PACS server.